Holland Haven Birding

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The inspiration for this site originates from a perceived desire beyond the small group of North East Essex Birders who regularly visit Holland Haven, to make available a reference point for all to promote, contribute to and support what is arguably one of Essex's premier bird watching locations. 

Although not a location readily associated with ''mega alert'' messages received via one of the pager services, Holland Haven nonetheless is widely recognized as a site that regularly hosts, from a rarity perspective, species of national interest in addition to a wide variety of scarcer migrants and commoner residents.


The Holland Haven Birding Group is principally Gary Gardiner (website originator, ringing team member but now only an occasional site recorder), Karen Aldous (website maintainer and recorder), recorder Mick Rodwell - who can be found most days surveying both bird and other wildlife species while wandering the site. Sightings are also provided by other regular visitors - including Simon Cox, Peter Loud, Peter Newton, Paul Brayshaw and Darrell Stile. 

Occasional ringing has occurred since the assembling of a ringing team in July 2009.  The team consists of Simon Cox, Peter Newton and Gary Gardiner.  Details of these events can be seen under the "Ringing" link.